Frequently Asked Questions


Mats – What are they and why do they matter
You may not be aware of it, but mats are a serious problem and can be detrimental to your pets well being. Continued…

Does my dog or cat need to be up to date on vaccinations?
Proof of rabies is required, along with veterinarian’s name and phone number.

Do you need to use my electric outlet or water?
No. Our grooming salon is completely self-contained. We only require adequate parking, which is fairly level, and free of any overhangs.

How do you know your exact arrival time?
Because we focus on quality over quantity, appointment times are scheduled accordingly to allow for the optimal grooming experience. In the event that the prior appointment does run a bit longer than anticipated or unforeseen traffic is encountered, a 20 minute window will be given.

Do I have to be home for you to groom my pet?
For the first or second time, yes. When both pet and stylist feel comfortable with each other, we can make arrangements for grooming to be done without your presence.

Do I need to have my cat in a carrier prior to appointment?
Yes. They will need to be in their carrier ready for transport out to the grooming salon when we arrive. If you foresee possible problems retrieving your pet prior to their appointment it is recommended to confine them in the bathroom the night before to eliminate such complications.

I’ve been told, or I’m concerned, that my pet may be difficult to groom?
Please refer to our policies page as it pertains to aggressive behavior and the use of sedatives.

Can I stay with my pet as they’re getting groomed?
It’s usually not a good idea for a number of different reasons- mainly because of the limited space in the salon. Also, pets tend to be harder to handle with their owner around because they are focused on trying to get to them the whole time which can make the service take longer than needed and leave more possibility for an injury to occur if the pet becomes agitated.

How long will it take?
Each pet is an individual and has individual needs, but typically you can expect an appointment to take anywhere from 1- 2 1/2 hours. Cats no longer than 2. Please keep in mind that the first grooming may take longer.

What form of payment do you accept?
Cash, Check, or Credit

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
Last minute cancellations of appointments are costly to us, and the potential earnings lost cannot be recovered. Therefore, we require at least 24 Hours notice. Failure to give adequate notice will result in a $25 charge.

What about No Shows?
If pet is not available to groom at the specified time we will wait at your location for fifteen minutes to allow for the possibility that you are late and on your way back home. Beyond that time may cause delays to those clients scheduled after you. Rushing to complete your pet on time may affect the quality of the service. A $50 charge will be incurred for a “no show”.
It is not our wish to alienate our clients, but we must balance our desire to maintain good client relations with our need to meet expenses and make a profit. Exceptions may be made only if extenuating circumstances were experienced by client, and only at the discretion of Fursure Mobile Pet Grooming.

How often should I get my pet groomed?
On average, dogs should be groomed every four to six weeks and cats six to eight. Of course, this depends on a lot of factors- type of breed, length of coat, how often pet is outside or getting into water, the individual needs of each pet or owner, and the amount of time an owner has to keep up on maintenance.

Does frequent bathing harm my pet’s coat?
Only the very best products on the market are used to suit the individual needs of each pet- all of which are formulated to be safely and effectively used on a regular basis.

My pet is really, really matted. What can you do for him/her?
We will not demat a pet that is severely matted. The pain of pulling and tugging to remove extensive or very tight mats is painful and we believe it is inhumane treatment for your pet. We will be able to offer you a “shave down,” preserving as much of the coat as possible, by using the longest length blade that will be able to get in underneath the matting. After shaving, a routine of regular brushing and combing should be implemented at home to keep pet mat free. Decreasing the time between appointments and/ or settling for a different coat style that is more manageable should be considered as well.